Personalised Sessions

Would you like to experience all the benefits of MindRescue with a personalised session to get you started? Or, have you already begun your journey and feel you would benefit from something more tailored to your specific needs? Maybe you just want to combine aspects of certain sessions you’ve already benefited from and create the ultimate MindRescue session just for you.

Deeply impact your subconscious by hearing your name at various points throughout the recording, choose how long your session is: 10, 15 or 20 minutes and whether or not you would like hypnotic language patterns included for maximum benefit.

Why not book a personalised recording today for just £25.00?  Have the next best thing to a face-to-face session without the hassle of going anywhere, and you can keep it forever and listen to it as many times as you like!



Debbie wanted more focus and access to her intuition to help her work-life balance while she is studying:

Heartfelt thanks for the personalised session. 15 minutes felt fast, but also exactly the right amount of time. I was struck by the paradoxes the session threw up, like that timing element – and how this has given me a feeling of wholeness.

I liked the ball of sunlight image and the physical warming sensation, moving into brighter, silver light, which felt to me like moonlight shining on that clear inner pool of wisdom. I loved the way these were brought together.

I love the idea of moving from the feeling of busyness, to a feeling of letting go and letting come of the intuitive response, lovely. I felt quite a sense of completeness at the end. There was a lovely flow to the session and I do now feel focused and calm and ready to tackle the next book! I will definitely use the session again.

Thank you, Debbie