MindRescue Catalogue

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Expanding Perspectives


Deepening Relationships

Future Best Self

Understanding the Mind

Rest & Relaxation

Challenging Behaviours.

All sessions listed below, including the targeted sessions, are included in the monthly subscription.

Targeted Sessions

Stop Smoking:

Conscious Smoking Practice

Smoking SOS – Yes & No

Smoking SOS – Surfing the Urge

Weight Management:

Snacking SOS – Yes & No

Snacking SOS – Surfing the Urge

Questioning Food Choices


Insomnia SOS

Public Speaking:

Audience Insights

Two Minute Big Event Prep

Power Up for Peak Performance

Power Up for Peak Performance – Part 2

Overcome Anxiety:

Two Minute Light in the Darkness

One Minute Meltdown Override

Daily Sessions

Not tomorrow, right NOW!

MindRescue Foundation

Emotional Entrepreneur

Getting Clear on your values

Gratitude Falls

Embracing Change

Story Analysis

Power Up for Peak Performance – part 1

Colourful Character Strengths – Creativity

MindRescue Intensive

Cutting Out the Middle Man

Basketball Skills

Practicing Awareness

Being and Seeing – Gratitude

100 Years of Wisdom

Active Listening

Cutting through mental fog

Belly Box Breathing

Befriending Obstacles

Being and Seeing – Enthusiasm

Accepting Uncertainty

Embracing Aging

Cultivating Love & Acceptance

Dealing with weird thoughts

Body Awareness Healing

WOOP Your Goals

Colourful Character Strengths Mindfulness

Embodying Awareness

Heartfulness Practice

Sharing Belonging

Looking Impermanence

Tense & Relax

Colourful Character Strengths Social Intelligence

Judgemental Mind

Open Mind Practice

Sharing Gratitude

Mind Orchestra

Yawning Practice

Colourful Character Strengths Patience

Maintaining Momentum

Reparenting Addictions

Wish Fulfilled

Questioning Closure

Perfect Paradise

Insomnia SOS

Colourful Character Strengths Generosity

Quit or Persist

Reparenting Awkwardness

The honeymoon seed

Questioning Creative Success

The Smile

Taming Conflict

Colourful Character Strengths Appreictaion of Beauty & Excellence

Running Success

Accepting Frustration

Questioning Resisting Reality

Nourish Your Roots

Get Moving SOS

Colourful Character Strengths Curiosity

Rotating the problem 1

Rotating the problem 2

Rotating the Problem 3

Accepting Grief

Thank You letter

Questioning Self-Perception

The Beam

Masking Your Potential – Avoidance

Colourful Character Strengths Bravery

The Waiting Room

Accepting Resentment

What to say before you die – forgiveness

Seamless Stories

The Body Breath

Focusing Practice

Colourful Character Strengths Humility

When you’re certain you’re right

No Judgement Practice

Sharing Bravery

Unravelling Shame

Breath Counting Game

Masking Your Potential – Success

Being & Seeing Confidence

Walking on Air

Reparenting Fear of Dying

Exploring Fear

The Black Bird

Calm Response Practice

Colourful Character Strengths Higher Purpose

Getting your house in order

Reparenting Neediness

Sharing Appreciation of Beauty

The Magician Mind

Power Nap

Power Up for Peak Performance – part 2

Being & Seeing Abundance

Opening to Vulnerability

Obsessive Thoughts SOS

Questioning Need

Love Bombing

Grounded Awareness

Chores with a Twist

Reflective Qualities

Leading the wrong life

Inner Strength Break

Sharing Self-Love

This ‘n’ That

The Curious Breath

Taming Regret

Colourful Character Strengths Forgiveness & Mercy

Sound of the Soul

Reparenting Self-Pity

Sharing Fairness

Mind Pup

Garden of Contentment

Taming Anxiety

Being & Seeing Clarity

The Mountain

Set Yourself Free

Old Friends & New

Unravelling Doubt 1

Unravelling Doubt 2

Purifying Mind & Body

Colourful Character Strengths Hope

Newborn Mind

Sunny Self-Acceptance

What to say before you die – love

Exploring Certainty

Melt Away Tension

Colourful Character Strengths Self-Honesty

Life could be a dream

Reparenting Meanness

Sharing Creativity

Magical Meditation

Full Capacity Breathing

Facing Everything Technique

The Storm

Accepting Anger

Rebirth into Love

Personalised Mind Stamping

Joyful Heart

Being & Seeing Warmth & Affection

The Wise Oak

Taming Anxiety

Sharing Hope

Questioning Self-Judgement

Lake of Tranquillity

Colourful Character Strengths Vitality

Shifting Realities

Reparenting Spite

Relationship Reset – 1

Relationship Reset – 2

Relationship Reset – 3

Exploring Shame

Breathing and Releasing

Colourful Character Strengths Gratitude

The Storm Cloud

Reparenting Money Struggles

Being the best in others

Understanding Dread

Nourish Your Roots

Colourful Character Strengths Kindness

Reality Checking SOS

Sharing Curiosity

Parts Therapy – Developing Sel-f Compassion

Parts Therapy 1

Parts Therapy 2

Parts Therapy 3

Snow Globe

The Mental Massage

Being & Seeing Acceptance

Listening to your body

Running with Presence

Relationship Reframer

Exploring Vulnerability 1

Exploring Vulnerability 2

Earth and Sky

Colourful Character Strengths Humour

Solar-powered Problem Solving

The Magic of Self-Compassion

Compassionate Mind 1

Compassionate Mind 2

Compassionate mind 3

Compassionate Mind 4

Compassionate Mind 5

Profound Listening

Questioning This too shall pass

Colour Therapy

Being & Seeing Change

Acknowledging the Body

Reparenting Afraid to be seen

Learning to Help Ourselves

Questioning Part of Reality

Colourful Character Strengths Integrity

Today’s the Day

Reparenting Aloof

Exploring Emotional Intelligence – 1

Exploring Emotional Intelligence – 2

Exploring Emotional Intelligence – 3

Exploring Emotional Intelligence – 4

Exploring Doubt

Colourful Character Strengths Effort

Stretching the Mind

Dealing with Shame 1

Dealing with Shameful Experiences 2

Questioning Truth

Colourful Character Strengths Love

Questioning Unresolved Situations

Reparenting Anger

Questioning Painful Perspectives

Colourful Character Strengths Leadership

Mind-Body conspiracy

Inner Child 1

Inner Child 2

Questioning Opinions

Colourful Character Strengths Playfulness

Transforming the Negative

Exploring Forgiveness 1

Exploring Forgiveness 2

Exploring Forgiveness 3

Exploring Forgiveness 4

Exploring Forgiveness 5

Exploring Forgiveness 6

Unravelling Anxiety

Colourful Character Strengths Humour

Walking with Emotions

Looking Certainty

Being & Seeing Authenticity

Worst Day Ever

Questioning  what next

Colourful Character Strengths Persistence

Removing the sting in the tale 1

Removing the sting in the tale 2

Removing the sting in the tale 3

Questioning Self-Centredness

Being & Seeing Patience

The Space in Between

Mind River

Colourful Character Strengths Prudence

Unwinding the Ego – 1

Unwinding the Ego 2

Questioning who you are

Being & Seeing Love

Reality TV SOS

Mind as a labelling machine 1

Mind as a labelling machine 2

Mind as a labelling machine 3

Colourful Character Strengths Spontaneity

Advanced Resilience Training

Questioning When

Being & Seeing Respect

Mastery & doubt

Flagging up the Ego

Colourful Character Strengths Teamwork

Are you fully Grown?

Looking Doubt

Being & Seeing Compassion

Balancing Stressful thoughts

Exploring Uncertainty 1

Uncertainty 2

Colourful Character Strengths Self-Control

One week to live

Exploring Pressure

Colourful Character Strengths Wisdom

Decision making practice

Questioning  Certainty

Cleaning the Filter

Exploring Anxiety

Self-Enquiry – Part 1

Self-Enquiry – Part 2

Self-Enquiry – Part 3

Self-Enquiry – Part 4

Self-Enquiry – Part 5

Self-Enquiry – Part 6

Self-Enquiry – Part 7

Self-Enquiry – Part 8