Imagine a world where we took care of our mental and emotional well-being as automatically as we clean our teeth each day…

And no matter what’s going on around us we could let go of negativity, release internal struggle and let go into a place of clarity and inner calm.

MindRescue Daily is a guided meditation programme and therapist’s toolkit which can help you to release strong emotions, challenge negative assumptions, open to new paradigms and nurture your best self a little bit each day.

It’s incredibly simple and very effective… Some sessions are guided relaxation, others use therapeutic approaches to explore specific behaviour patterns or emotions, others develop mindfulness – one of the great things about it is you get to experience something different each day so it’s also quite exciting!

Nicky, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, from Bristol

Every meditation is different but take five right now and listen to the ‘The Power of Togetherness’. Or try the 11 day  Free Trial to discover more:

The Power of Togetherness:

Tap into & empower your inner therapist

MindRescue has 320+ short meditation exercises incorporating easy-to-use, letting go techniques gathered from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Somanic Decent, Parts Therapy, Positive Psychology, Self-Hypnosis, Shadow Work, Yoga Nitre, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassion focused therapy (CFT).

Key features

  • Receive a new mp3 session in your inbox each weekday morning – pause and resume emails anytime
  • Browse MindRescue collections for specific issues such as defusing emotions, understanding the mind and building resilience plus associated worksheets
  • Most importantly, MindRescue enables you to take time out to be good to yourself and help you to improve your relationship with yourself and others

What People are Saying about MindRescue Daily:

“Thank you wonderful lady – connecting to such pro-active, genuine and generous souls and such strong, joyous and committed women is such a blessing and a privilege. So very grateful and impressed that you do all this and navigate through with such grace – the MindRescue system is impressively simple, thank you.”

Catherine, from South Yorkshire, UK

“I am so glad I tried MindRescue Daily. I felt overwhelmed with my many roles as a mother of four young children, a partner and a doctor in an acute specialty. Five minutes a day of recharging my mind is helping me to cope not only with everyday life but it has also improved my ability to quickly regain calmness and composure in stressful situations. Thank you.”

Anna, from Somerset, UK

“MindRescue takes me on a journey to explore a different aspect of my inner world, like being on a guided tour of the psyche. Not only does it bring me calm and clarity, but it’s also exciting to have a new session waiting to take me to discover something new in myself each morning!”

Nicola, from Surrey, UK

“Just wanted to thank you for the MindRescue sessions – I am loving having to find a quiet 5 minutes – I haven’t done that before now. It’s something I look forward to daily.”

Victoria, from Pretoria, South Africa

“Every MindRescue session has helped me in some way. The ideas are inspired and the delivery method is perfect for me and my terrible attention span! These bite sized nuggets get straight to the point and each one is guaranteed to calm me down and introduce a useful therapeutic tool I can incorporate easily in my daily activities.”

Lisa, from Berkshire, UK

“I love that in a short time, with one of the MindRescue sessions, I can focus on what is important. It’s like a vacation for my brain!”

Laura, from Arizona, USA

“Listening to MindRescue sessions I feel grounded and invigorated and able to look at troubling situations anew, with more hope and clarity.”

Helen, from Hampshire, UK

“Between my busy career and family life, I never thought I would be practicing mindfulness and meditation. I can do MindRescue at any time and at any place. It’s Mindfulness made easy!”

Dennis, from Arizona, USA

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